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Heavy Duty Power-Train Repair Specialist in Heavy Duty Transmissions

Heavy Duty Power-Train Repair Specialist in Heavy Duty Transmissions

We at CIF Transmissions have over 100 large corporate customers and are growing daily. 

We employ and are associated with some of the most experienced rebuilders in the US and Canada. 

In our industry, we have close proximity and association with Hydraulic Rebuild Companies, Specialty Machine Shops, Heavy-Duty Millwright Shops, Hose and Fitting Companies. 

We pride ourselves on cost efficiency. “Special Rates” for emergency work and being one of the most successful Rebuild Shops to provide fast & uncompromising “Quality Workmanship”

We have arranged shipping routes to accomplish these jobs throughout Western Canada and the United States. Shipping costs will be assessed to and from addresses upon completion of sale. 

Billing and payment methods to be discussed upon initiation of sale.


All powertrain components

  • Taylor 13.1HR28337-4
  • Clark 28,000
  • Clark Two-Speed
  • Kalmar 28,000
  • Hyster T-50
  • T-50: Newer Yale/Hyster Forklifts
  • Clark 24,000
  • Allison 5631 & 5633
  • Borg Warner (Three speed)
  • Funk
  • 8421 Wagner
  • 8620 Wagner Torque Converters
  • L120 Clark Wagner Dif.
  • TE10 Hyster
  • TE13 / 17 Kalmar
  • ZF Hyster
  • ZF Kalmar
Most makes of Larger Hyster Transmissions
Most makes of Larger Taylor Transmissions
Most makes of Larger Forklift Transmissions
Crane TransmissionsSpicerDana or Clark
Some makes of Container Handlers Specializing in older models
Underground Mining Transmissions Clark Specific