Hyundai Forklift Transmission Repair Services

We Specialize in the Heavy-Duty Forklift Transmissions You Need

CIF Transmission is leading North America in providing Hyundai Forklift Transmission repair.

Top-quality OEM parts and innovative cost-effective solutions are the CIF standard. It helps ensure our growing list of over 100 large corporate customers stays growing and satisfied. We also employ and build relationships with the most experienced Hyundai Forklift Transmission repair and rebuilder professionals in the US and Canada. This helps consistently demonstrate our commitment to excellent forklift service.

A cornerstone of CIF is reliability for our clients and that means working well with the company that made your forklift. By having a good relationship with Hyundai, it makes for a better Hyundai forklift transmission repair. 

Our goal is to supply your business with forklift transmissions that redefine heavy-duty and provide consistent service for your power shift transmission needs.

Contact us here to find how your business can be empowered the heavy-duty way.  

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