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Forklift Transmissions

Forklifts encounter harsh surroundings every day. They have to withstand extreme temperatures, extended use, and repeated exposure to chemicals. Your forklift will eventually be subject to so much wear and tear that the safe operation of your forklift will be impossible. When you need to replace the transmission, we at CIF are prepared with the highest quality of parts that redefine what heavy-duty is without making you wait for it. A well-working forklift is essential to your business. Without a reliable replacement transmission, your company could suffer. We take pride in providing high-quality forklift transmission replacements for when the elements take their toll on your equipment. Don’t let your work grind to a halt on account of wear and tear. Contact us using the form to the right and let’s get your forklift back out on the job.

Why Choose CIF Transmissions?

Special Rates for Emergency Services. We don't take advantage of your forklift transmission needing replacement in the middle of a job. We do what we can to make sure you get back to work and carry on doing business.

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Over 30 Years In Business
The amount of forklift transmission rebuilds we've done for over 100 corporate businesses speaks for itself. CIF Transmissions continues to successfully service our customers and build strong relationships with them. Our commitment is as heavy-duty as what we deliver.
Verified Plumber in Spokane
100+ Corporate Customers
The remanufactured transmissions we offer are the very meaning of quality workmanship. We do not cut corners or compromise when it comes to servicing our customers.

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Uncompromising “Quality Workmanship”
Curious about CIF Transmissions?

Find out how we can get your forklift back to work.

North America in Forklift Transmission Replacement

North Americas Forklift Transmission Leader

Forklift Transmissions Leaders

We lead North America in Forklift Transmissions because we pride ourselves on our selection and quality of OEM replacement parts. We specialize in 16,000 lb to 36,000 lb forklifts with over 150 exchange cores that we can supply to our customers. We are committed to getting your forklift back to work as quickly as possible. If you’re unsure if we carry the transmission you need, please reach out to us here and we’re happy to see what we can do for you. 

Emergency Work and Special Rates

We know that things can breakdown at the worst possible time. Forklift transmissions fail and eventually need emergency work. Part of our dedication to being an industry leader is offering special rates and emergency services. 

If you’re thinking an emergency service means the quality will suffer or the prices go up, don’t worry. We do not compromise when it comes to quality workmanship and we have arranged shipping routes to accomplish these emergency jobs more quickly.

Emergency Forklift Transmission Replacement
Replacement Transmission Parts

Parts That Redefine Quality & Heavy-Duty

Replacement parts should improve the overall forklift. Bring it back to the expectations you have of your equipment. Here is what quality and heavy-duty mean to us at CIF Transmissions:

Longer Transmission Life

Metallic clutch discs that are 33% thicker means longer life for your forklift. We believe in only using the highest quality OEM parts. 

Withstanding Extreme Temperatures

By using Carbon Teflon interference seals and heavy-duty friction discs we enable your transmission to withstand far greater temperatures. Empowering your forklift to do its job for longer and in more severe climates. 

Ready for Installation

We supply both the torque converter and the charge pump so you can get back to the job as quickly as able to. We’ve even done the testing so we’re sure your transmission is ready for installation as soon as it arrives. 

Whether by brand or manufacturer, no matter if it’s an emergency order or preparing for a transmission replacement, CIF is committed to getting your forklift back on the job.

When Do You Need a Replacement?

No matter how well you keep your equipment, the nature of all mechanical parts is to experience wear and tear. While regular maintenance, oil changes, and keeping up with your machines will put off replacing parts it will eventually need it. Contact us for machine/transmission specific testing and calibration procedures to determine the state of your transmission.  

Taylor Forklift
Hyster Forklift Transmission

Replace by Brand or Manufacturer

CIF Transmissions supplies high-quality parts for forklift transmissions of many makes and models. Being an industry leader in forklift transmission replacement, we have strong bonds with suppliers across North America and Europe to supply the specialized parts we require to perform our rebuilds. 

With our extensive network of suppliers, we’ve amassed a large inventory across Northern America as well.  These relationships allow us to provide fast shipping for emergency work as well as access to replace by brand or manufacturer. Your needs can be met all with one order. 

We also purchase many core transmissions so if a situation comes up that there is no OEM or suppliers available for specialized parts, there is a chance we might have it.