Recommissioning a Backfiring Forklift


Worst Possible Scenario:

One of the forklifts you are using for loading, starts backfiring in the middle of the day. Your entire supply chain  is thrown out of whack because the forklift is out of commission. Here are a few tips that we have been fortunate to get, for troubleshooting a forklift that is backfiring.   


The reasons for your forklift misfiring or backfiring can be due to a few dozen things. You can have a lean burning engine or some loose wiring. Repairs to your forklift should be left to certified techs in most cases. All the same, if all it needs is the replacement of some spark plug wiring, a member of your team can do it so that the workflow is not stopped. If the work involved is more in depth, like emissions or problems with the engine, it is best left to a proper maintenance team. 

Know your limitations:

This is the key that will bring us to the first step you need to take to troubleshoot your backfiring forklift. To start with, eliminate simple solutions that you know cannot cause the issue. 


You need to answer two questions if you are trying to fix a backfire.:

Is there any particular action that makes the forklift backfire? At start, while moving, or while lifting?

Can the location of the backfire be isolated?

You can find the root problem if your forklift is backfiring only under certain conditions. Common reasons for forklift misfire based on when it does so:

Backfiring when loaded:

This is often caused by leaks in carburetor diaphragm, spark plug wiring issues, or loose fitting valves.

Backfiring when idle:

If you have a propane engine, this can be due to lean air fuel ratio, otherwise it can also be due an alternator that is malfunctioning, or loosely connected. Additionally, it can happen if your connections to caps and rotors are bad. 

Backfires on startup:

This can happen when the carburetor or muffler is malfunctioning, or with more serious fuel intake and engine problems. 

These are the most common reasons for your forklift backfiring, but there are others. If you can isolate the location of your backfire, you can eliminate some of these likely reasons, and it will tell you whether you need to call in a professional. 

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