Tips for Forklift Maintenance

Forklifts are extremely important and useful tools, caring for them should be a top priority. It can disrupt a lot in the company without well-working forklifts or waiting to get them replaced, not mentioning how costly it is. It’s much cheaper and better for the job to take some time and have regular forklift maintenance service scheduled, as well as the forklift parts, looked at often.

To help make sure your forklift lasts as long as possible, as with proper forklift maintenance they can go 10-years of working, let’s go over 5 tips to help make sure it happens.

Fluid Change Every 3 Months

The lifeblood of your forklift is the fluids that keep it going. Many forklift repairs needed are often the result of just not changing out the old for newer necessary fluids. You should make it a habit to check hydraulic fluids, motor oil, coolants, antifreeze, transmission fluids, and all the other liquids pumping in the machine every 3-months. A little time and minimal cost can offset unnecessary forklift repairs for years. 

Think of it this way, it’s easier to mend a scrape than heal an infection. So, don’t neglect the fluids running through your forklift, it’ll save you a lot of pain later.

Check the Brakes

Nothing like a forklift that has trouble stopping. Besides the harm it can bring to the drive or people around, faulty breaks can do a lot of damage to your property and the load it’s carrying. If you notice anything off about the way your forklift is slowing and stopping, get it checked immediately. The longer you wait on the forklift repair the more it will damage the forklift itself. As the breaks wear, they’ll become softer which means, they’ll be pushed harder. 

But, you don’t have to wait for problems to happen if you have regular forklift maintenance. By the time you notice an issue, it’s probably been there for a while. So any time you go for forklift maintenance service, always check the brake pads and calipers. 

Straight Forks

If it can carry the weight, then the forklift’s forks are great right? Not entirely. Having the forks remain straight is part of forklift maintenance as,  if they aren’t then the stability is off. The forklift will begin to buckle under the weight or unable to hold loads as it’s supposed to. You don’t want to pick something up just to drop it, after all. During routine forklift maintenance service, make sure to get the straightness of the fork checked out as it can also harm the driver if they aren’t. Forklifts are designed to carry heavy loads and balance is part of their design, if that balance is off then the forklift can become dangerous. 

Remember the Tires

The forklift is no good if it isn’t moving well. Routing tire checking is part of any forklift maintenance service and it should certainly be on your checklist. Not only do poor tires prevent the forklift from operating at its best and the longevity of the machine, but it is also a serious hazard for the driver.

During a forklift maintenance check, take a look at the tire pressure to prevent gas-guzzling and wearing the tire traction faster than usual if too low. If the pressure is too high, you might have a blowout on your hands very soon. 

Regular Maintenance Visits

Going to a qualified forklift repair company regularly can keep your equipment running smoothly for years. It saves you a great deal of money, though you’re spending it every few months. Adding together what you spend on forklift maintenance is still much less than having to replace faulty forklifts constantly.

While any forklift operator should perform daily checks for safety lights, parking breaks, steering, raising the forks with and without a load, they should also be regularly services by professionals who can take an in-depth look into the machine.  Certified forklift repair companies or technicians are trained to lubricate the various components, engine adjustments, radiator cleaning, clutch adjustments, and a host of other maintenance services that can stave off full-blown repairs or replacements.

Keep It Going

Now that you see a few tips and tricks to keeping your forklift moving well, make it a point to schedule regular forklift maintenance with certified professionals. Much like buying good equipment, regular servicing is investing not only in the equipment but, the smooth running of your company itself, as well as the safety of your workers and the loads the forklift carries.