Pros vs. Costs of a Replacement Forklift Transmission

The first thing that pops into people’s heads when thinking of a replacement forklift transmission is the cost of getting it. While that is one of the things to consider, it’s nowhere near the only one, and it sets you up to think of only the negatives to improving your machine. There most important thing when looking for a forklift transmission for sale to replace your current one is how it’ll benefit your business, employees, and the efficiency of your forklift. 

It is a bit of a cost-benefit analysis, sure. But, to focus solely on the cost means you’re not thinking through the decision and instead focusing on the immediate results of getting a replacement forklift transmission. Yes, you’ll pay money for it, but you could be getting much more in cashflow from improving your forklift.

 Here are some benefits to looking replacing your transmission or shopping for forklift transmission rebuilders. 

Look Past the Cost of a Replacement Forklift Transmission

It’s difficult to look past the initial costs of improving machines or looking into forklift transmission repair. Many will immediately begin asking themselves if the forklift really needs fixing up? Is it maybe not being operated correctly? It’s not functioning THAT badly, so on, and so on. 

That’s reacting to your business needing help by making excuses. If your employees are telling you that you need a replacement forklift transmission or you’re seeing the efficiency of the machines dipping, then don’t look at the cost. Look at what needs to be done to get your business back to the production it needs to be at. No one is arguing that cost isn’t a factor, but there are more important ones than investing in a replacement forklift transmission. The decision isn’t “do I need to spend money on a forklift transmission repair?”, it’s “what is the best price for a replacement forklift transmission?”

Another way to look at it is that by not getting a replacement forklift transmission to save money on updating your machine, you’re bleeding money via creating inefficiency. 

With that out of the way, let’s look at the benefits of investing in fixing your forklift:

Improve Efficiency

A forklift with a bad transmission or faltering one doesn’t give you the same work ethic. The speed of your forklift is cut down, you’ll have more repair issues, and even the ability to carry weight is hampered by not getting a replacement forklift transmission. You may be saving money on a transmission, but you’re spending it where it comes to the time it takes to do a job. 

Stay Safe

Probably the most important thing on this list as to why you should get a replacement forklift transmission, the safety of your employees. A dying transmission is going to shudder, stop, buckle under normal weight capacity, and is in the middle of carrying a load. If that forklift suddenly stops with a lot of weight, your operator is at risk of getting seriously injured. 

Increase Workflow

Like any other tool, if it’s in good condition then, the work it produces is in good condition. A replacement forklift transmission can speed up a suffering workflow and increase efficiency by getting your forklift running the way it should be. You won’t have to cut down on the weight it’s able to carry, it won’t move at a snail’s pace, endanger the operator, or have to pay for repairs related to a transmission on a downward spiral. 

Better Tools Means Better Production

Having your equipment in working order and functioning at a top-notch level is always worth investing money into it. The upfront cost can sometimes be off-putting, but it’s important to consider what sub-par tools cost you over time and in multiple areas. A forklift is a pricey piece of equipment, and it’s a necessary one for your business to function. If there is an issue with it, it must be dealt with.

Look past the cost or a replacement forklift transmission and examine the most cost-effective ways of fixing the issue. Instead of replacing it, for example, look at forklift transmission rebuilders or used forklift transmissions. There are a lot of options beyond ignoring the issues with your machine. 

It’s cliche’, but it’s true. To make money, you have to spend money.