Why Forklift Transmission Rebuilders?

Anything that isn’t brand new tends to get a bad wrap, even with forklift transmission rebuilders. When people hear a used forklift transmission is “rebuilt,” they tend to think it’s simply just a used one. While it’s easy to confuse the two, there are many differences that are important to understand before you start looking for forklift transmission for sale. 

CIF Transmissions is committed to quality work that showcases how forklift transmission rebuilders aren’t just reselling transmissions, and servicing forklifts this way is a valid cost-saving option. 

Rebuild vs. New

New doesn’t always mean better, and in many ways, forklift transmission rebuilders enhance what you already have. A new transmission is just that, never used before. A rebuilt forklift transmission is, to a degree, repaired. But, better.

When you go with forklift transmission rebuilders, you’re having an experienced technician take a deep look into your transmission. It is disassembled, cleaned, and where it needs it, also updated. You’re not just getting back the same old transmission that now back in working order. You’re getting your transmission back with enhancements, a deep clean, and fixed back up. Think of going with forklift transmission rebuilders as getting a deep sprucing up.

Work With Expert Service

Another plus to working with forklift transmission rebuilders is their expertise in servicing forklifts. All service people are experienced and trained in taking apart transmissions, cleaning them, enhancing them, and putting them back together. That is wildly different than talking with someone who is familiar with the transmissions they’re selling. Not to knock people who have those jobs, but they’re essentially trained to sell you their forklift transmission brand.

Service people are trained in service and repairs. They have a deep familiarity with several brands and manufacturers, good relationships with those companies, and are exceptionally well versed in forklift transmission repair as well as rebuilding. 

Used Forklift Transmissions vs. Rebuilding

A used forklift transmission isn’t inherently bad, it’s just important to understand that there are many differences between a used forklift transmission for sale and getting one rebuilt.

When you purchased a used forklift transmission, that’s what you’re buying. A transmission was previously used and is still in working order. It may not be cleaned, it certainly hasn’t been updated, and it’s just about saving money. What you don’t see is that it only saves money upfront. Who knows what issues are lurking just around the corner with a used forklift transmission. You may end up spending more on repairing it after purchasing than going with forklift transmission rebuilders, to begin with. 

Buying a used forklift transmission from forklift transmission rebuilders cuts costs in a more substantial way. Yes, the transmission is still used, but it’s been taken apart and put back together by professionals trained in finding issues, opportunities for updating, and able to get the transmission to it’s highest potential. 

CIF Transmissions Aren’t Salesmen

Our goal is always to supply businesses that redefine what heavy-duty means and ensure your forklift has the power to get the work done. Our forklift transmission rebuilders only use the highest quality OEM parts and invest in cost-effective innovative solutions. 

Our clientele speaks for itself with a growling list of over one-hundred large corporate customers. To better serve those who need forklift transmission repairs or needing them rebuilt, we keep good relationships with the brands we work with, such as Hyster Forklifts. The other transmission models we work with include:

Working with CIF Transmissions means you’re working with a company that maintains excellence among our forklift transmission rebuilders, expertise in servicing forklifts of several brands, and commitment to saving our customers as much money as possible. Choosing forklift transmission rebuilders over buying a used forklift transmission or a new one means you’re going to save your company money, time, and get the reliable transmission you know back in your forklift but, far better than before.

We work both in the U.S.A. and in Canada with specific numbers for each country. Give us a call and get your free quote and consultation. See if working with forklift transmission rebuilders makes sense for your company, budget, and machine.