Rebuilt Forklift Transmission: Between New and Used

Needing a transmission replacement doesn’t mean having to spend top dollar on a brand new one. You can always go with rebuilt forklift transmissions to save some cash and get your machine back up and running. Many would think that a rebuilt forklift transmission is the same as “used” and inferior to a new one but, that isn’t the case at all. It’s closer to a perfect middle between used and new. It’s used because it’s still yours but, now has new parts along with deep cleaned ones. 

Let’s break down what rebuilt means, what getting one entail, and some of the perks to getting a rebuilt forklift transmission. You may find that it’s better than investing in a new one. 

What is a Rebuilt Forklift Transmission?

It’s exactly what it sounds like, believe it or not. The transmission is disassembled and then put back together before being reinstalled. More specifically, all the soft parts of the transmission are discarded, then the remaining parts are inspected and cleaned before being reassembled. Technicians who make rebuilt forklift transmissions will also modify anything needing new updates or correct manufacturing problems. If you’re unsure whether or not they will, make sure to ask. Though, it’s a safe assumption since that’s what is supposed to happen for a rebuilt forklift transmission. Always better to ask and be on the safe side. 

A rebuilt forklift transmission is sort of like a marriage between repair and updating. 

Repair vs. Rebuilt Forklift Transmission

The primary difference between repairing a transmission and a rebuilt forklift transmission is the disassembly. A repair can include replacing parts, patching, and things of that nature. A rebuilt forklift transmission requires disassembly, cleaning, and often includes enhancing parts needing an update. 

A rebuilt forklift transmission is better than a simple repair but, there is nothing wrong with getting something repaired and serviced when it’s needed. 

Why Go With a Rebuild Forklift Transmission?

There are quite a few perks to going with a rebuilt forklift transmission over a new one. Nobody could blame you for thinking that new always means better but, in this case, it isn’t a complete fact.  Here are a few of the advantages of going with a rebuilt forklift transmission:

The cost: a new transmission is going to cost more than a rebuilt one by a lot. If you’re trying to wrangle your company’s budget or save some money, look into getting a rebuilt forklift transmission. You’ll end up getting it back better than when it was new without the cost attached to it.

Quick return to work: Ordering a new transmission and waiting for it takes longer than having a rebuilt one made for you. You can’t risk falling behind work with an out-of-commission forklift and there is the added time of having the transmission reinstalled. Better to get it all done at the same time so you can get back to work more quickly. 

Better than before: Deserves to be mentioned again. A new transmission is better only because it’s new. It still needs to comply with the forklift you have. With a rebuilt forklift transmission, it already fits with your machine and has updated parts. It’s the improved transmission that you know will function with your forklift. Less risk than getting a new one installed. 

Brands We Work With

Different forklifts need different transmissions and if you’re going with a rebuilt forklift transmission, different parts. CIF Transmission has relationships with some of the top brands and we are committed to only using the highest quality OEM parts. The proof is in our clientele, we have over 100 large corporate customers ready to swear by our rebuilt forklift transmissions.

Some of the models we work with our:

  • Clark Transmission
  • Container Handler
  • Crane Transmissions
  • Funk Transmissions
  • Wagner Mining
  • Wagner Chip Loader
  • Wagner Log Stacker
  • Spicer-Dana Transmission

Some of the forklifts we service:

  • Hyster Forklifts
  • Taylor Forklifts
  • Hyundai Forklift
  • Kalmar Forklifts

The Rebuilt Bottom Line

It comes down to what you need to get your machine up and running again while balancing the cost. If you weren’t aware before, now you know that a rebuilt forklift transmission can be the perfect solution. You get your forklift back in business without the cost of a whole new transmission, and it comes back better than what it was. Clean, shiny, and upgraded. 

Before you go out and order a new transmission, take a gander at our rebuilt forklift transmission service. Just like over 100 of our customers, you won’t be disappointed with how your machine gets back to work.