Which Forklifts Parts Should be Kept For Repairs and Maintenance

Whenever there is high demand, like during the current Covid-19 pandemic, it is critical to keep the MHE fleet of a company operating at optimum levels in order to meet this demand. 

Operations can be negatively impacted when there is unexpected downtime caused by breakdowns.

In this article, we will be taking a look at some of the most common forklift parts that should be kept on hand for regular maintenance in order to keep your MHE (materials handling equipment) functioning properly during busy times. 


The most important part of a forklift that should be checked and maintained on a regular basis is its brakes. 

They work continuously to decelerate and stop a forklift with each movement, frequently while moving large amounts of added weight being carried by the machine in its cargo. 

Whether your forklift has drum brakes, brake pads, or another type of braking system like oil-cooled, the brakes will eventually have to be replaced. 

It is essential to check the brakes on a regular basis and replace worn-out ones when they start to show signs of wear to make sure the forklift will stop in a timely and safe manner. 

Failing to properly maintain the brakes can increase the chance of fatality, injury, and equipment or product damage happening.  

Mast Chains

Mast chains are used to extend the carriage and mast of a forklift. Every movement that extends or retracts the mast or shifts the carriage places them under tremendous strain. 

Since they are responsible for managing weight at great heights and lifting heavy loads, mast chains, like bakes, should be checked regularly and replaced as soon as there are any signs of damage or wear. 

Failing to properly maintain mast chains and replacing damaged ones can result in equipment or product damage, fatalities, or serious injuries if a chain fails while a heavy load is being lifted. 


The tires of a forklift are essential in their ability to function properly. Since a forklift lifts heavy loads frequently, the tires are affected by wear and tear on a regular basis 

Tires may also become damaged when placing loads or through misaligned lifting. 

Damaged tires can significantly increase the risk of loads being dropped, which contributes to higher risks of damage, fatality, or injury. 

It is essential to know how to properly inspect tires for damage. At the first signs of any damage or wear and tear they should be replaced immediately. 

Well-maintained tires contribute significantly to the safety and comfort of the operator while they are moving loads during long shifts.

Depending on the type of fire, some are more susceptible to tearing, ripping, and chunking caused by overuse. 

Damaged tires may increase the chances of damage to products while they are being transported and lifted. 

When a forklift’s tires are maintained at optimal levels, this can also help to improve fuel efficiency. 


Air and oil filters help to protect the engine of a forklift from preventable and expensive damage such as overheating and oil contaminants. 

It is essential to regularly replace filters according to the manufacturer’s guidelines to extend the forklift’s operating life. 

Clogged or dirty filters can be a sign that the operating area has poor air quality or that the cleanliness to be improved for better safety and health.

Hydraulic Supplies

The hydraulic system of a forklift moves the chains that raise loads. Any problems with the cleanliness of the hydraulic lines and fluids, as well as damage and leaks to gaskets can result in performance issues such as stuttering lifts. 

It is key to keep spare replacement line cleaner, fluid, and lines to maintain the hydraulic system of a forklift to keep it in optimal working condition. 

To help our customers maintain their materials and handling equipment and forklifts, Adaptalift Group has a national network of branch workshops as well as a team of mobile service technicians to service the units of our customers to make sure they are in optimal working condition.

In addition, we also offer a comprehensive selection of spare parts via our branch network. We stock genuine OEM parts from all of the manufacturers that we sell units from including Combilift, Yale, and Hyster in addition to Rapid Part, our aftermarket parts program with a broad selection of high-quality aftermarket parts that are suited for most forklift bran